Bournemouth Labour Councillor Ben Grower, stooped to a new low yesterday in his bitter fight to try and retain his seat in Kinson South, Bournemouth.

Councillor Grower received an email from a Bournemouth resident who had legitimate concerns about fly-tipping, but he then replied to him refusing to communicate to the person as they were a UKIP supporter. This is a serious breach of his responsibility to treat all people from Bournemouth in the same courteus and respectful manner, regardless of their race, colour or political persuasion. This from the Labour group leader – who is also a member of the standards committee – is particularly disturbing.

From: Councillor Ben Grower []

> Sent: 28 March 2015 10:01
> Subject: RE: Fly Tipping and Litter

> As you now appear to be a supporter of a racist party ie UKIP please do not
> send me any further e-mails as they will be put in my junk mail folder and
> automatically deleted

> Cllr Ben Grower

But it’s not the first time Cllr Grower has made errors online. In 2009 he was rebuked for creating a fictitious profile on the local Echo Newspaper website, and then using it to praise himself! Read about that here.

UKIP Local Councillor candidate for Kinson South Laurence Fear said:
“Clearly Ben Grower has no problem fabricating bogus claims over the internet, but he is now slandering the 15,000 residents of Bournemouth who voted UKIP and helped us win the Euro elections here last year.”

“Is Cllr Grower saying the 15,000 Bournemouth residents who voted UKIP are all racists? And if he is re-elected in May, will he therefore refuse to talk to anyone with whom he doesn’t agree?”

UKIP is not a racist party, in fact we are the only party to forbid people who have been members of extremist groups such as the BNP or EDL from joining. The Labour party actually has former elected BNP councillors with them now, so we’re not sure why Cllr Grower’s throwing stones whilst being inside a very glass house!

Perhaps instead of lying about his opponents, Cllr Grower would do a better service to the community if he focussed on some of the horrendous crimes perpetrated by members of the Labour party in towns such as Rotherham, where elected Labour Councillors and MPs have been covering up the systematic sexual abuse of more than 1400 young girls over the last 20 years.

We contacted Cllr Ben Grower for a comment, but he has so far refused to say anything.

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  1. Geoff CooperReply

    This is the same man who publicly announced that he would be celebrating the death of Lady Thatcher with champagne despite being a closet Tory for the last 35 years. He also was seen during a minutes silence in the Council Chamber for the excellent Maureen Reuss to be feverishly texting away to whom,we know not,though the only other person ignoring the tribute was our Dear Leader,John Beesley.Surely they can’t be………..

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