Duane Farr


I moved to Bournemouth from Guildford over 11 years ago, and I live in Kinson with my wife and young son, who has attended local schools here.

I want to be your representative for Kinson because I care about my village and believe it’s important we get our fair share of local investment, as I feel we sometimes get overlooked compared to other areas.

When I’m not doing my day job as a Utility Warehouse distributor, I volunteer for the NHS pain management service delivering workshops for people who suffer with long-term chronic pain conditions.

Vote for me because I’m a local resident who wants to ensure there are places for local children in the community schools.

So why UKIP on September 1st 2016 in Kinson North

I am going to keep this simple, as there are at least 100 reasons why you should vote for UKIP. But for me it was about discovery, when I re-engaged with politics in about 2009, I discovered that the establishment political parties had sold us out to the European Union.

I first voted UKIP in the 2010 general election, because I believe in democracy and making it work. I also believe Britain should be a free and independent, self-governing nation once more.

A UKIP councillor is not under a party whip like the old parties councillors are, meaning if you choose to elect me, I will be able to represent you better. Did you know currently 51 out of 54 councillors in Bournemouth are Tories? We need to adjust the balance and hold them to account.

So why would you vote for me?

I’m not an Oxford educated career politician, I’m a normal person who has experienced challenges in life, both health and financially, which means I’m adaptable and I’ll able to empathise with the challenges we all face.

I’ll continue to forge links between local groups and businesses to encourage pride in Kinson Village. For instance I support the Coastal Credit Union and the Food Bank. I’m Involved with North Bournemouth Area Forum and I volunteered at LV Streetwise. I also attend the Kinson Business Forum and as I live in the heart of Kinson I talk to lots of local business owners.