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We rely on donations from people who share our values and want to change the UK so it can be a country with good prospects for our children and grandchildren. So if you’re able to help – either by making a one-off donation, or by setting up a small monthly standing order – we'll be very grateful, and we promise not to waste a penny of it! Click here to download an application form, or join online below.

Become a member of ukip

There are many benefits to joining UKIP, but the best is probably knowing that you are doing something positive to help to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK!

But if that's not enough, then you will also receive our glossy publication “Independence”, and notification of local events, etc. At our meetings you will find yourself talking to an eclectic mix of individuals, but who all share one desire. And that is to rid ourselves of EU control, and those who wish to burden us with it, so that once again we can govern ourselves!

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Make a single donation

We are grateful of rang help you can give, and so if you'd prefer to make a single donation to the local party, then please complete the form, and click the button below. Thank you

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regular monthly standing order

Alternatively if you would like to donate a small, yet regular, amount of money then please click here to download our simple Standing Order form.

Once you have completed the form please post it back to us at the address below, or just get in touch at or call 01202 767834 and we'll pop round to collect it and meet you too. Thank you.

UKIP Bournemouth
55 Lansdowne Road